Yes you can pay extra at any time and own a car faster.

No you dont have to have a job if you are unemployed,student,on a pension that is fine.
All you need to do is show us that you can afford the weekly rental payment.

It is very simple.You select a vehicle you want,provide us with some personal information about youself and your financial situation and provided you can afford the weekly rental we can have you in your new car in no time at all.

No we do not have an age limit.

All you need to have is an current Australin drivers licence.

Yes you can swap to a different car however you will need to enter a new agreement and pay an administration fee.

All rental payments are made via direct debit from your bank account.

Our rental agreements start at 12 months and go to 36 months depending on what suits you.

Our cars start at $70 per week and go up to $180 per week.We have a minimum of $550 set up fee.

Usually you will be driving your new car the same day if you have all the information we need.

Yes you can we rent cars anywhere in Victoria.

Unfortunatley we only do rent to own so our minumim is 12 months.

All our cars come with a minumin of 3 months ,after that you pay it and you will need to get your own insurance as everyone has a different driving history.

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